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Qingdao Sunic-Ocean Marine T & S Co., Ltd was founded in 1998.  Over the past 12 years, we have been committed to the introduction and integration of internationally advanced technical products and solutions to provide professional users of various industries along the coastal regions of China with reliable, cost-effective equipments and solutions that meet the their requirements in the following areas: surveillance and monitoring of marine oil spill, oil spill control and recovery, liquid chemical spills and emergency response, splash zone long-term anticorrosion protection of marine engineering pilings, integrated harbor surveillance system (waterways and navigation facilities, ship traffic management, pilotage, security, oil spills, etc.), comprehensive marine monitoring system (hydrology, oil spills, coastal zone erosion, security), integrated surveillance system of offshore drilling platforms and subsea pipelines ( hydrology, oil spills, security, pipeline leakages) etc.              


So far we have already successfully completed almost hundred of comprehensive projects and our customers include: local branches of China MSA and China Salvage & Rescue Bureau in all coastal ports under Ministry of Transport, navigation authorities of domestic rivers, Large-scale oil spills emergency response centers, national emergency equipments stock storages, various oil spills response & clean-up organizations and businesses, offshore oil companies (CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC) and petrochemical enterprises, large-scale ports and oil terminals etc.