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 Topco organized Oil Spill Response Workshop 2011 held on Dec, 6th 2011at Oriental Bay International Hotel, Beijing China. Experts in the field of energy and spill response and government officials as well as equipment manufacturers and dealers from home and abroad attended the session. The workshop has attracted attention from the energy and oil response related industries as well as the domestic and foreign media.

To better address the challenges facing the oil and gas industry, to catalyze the development of global oil-spill knowledge and to encourage the sharing of experiences, the workshop featured discussions on innovations and best practices across oil spill response strategies and brought the audience up to date on technology and cost-efficient solutions for containing oil spills.


As the main sponsor of the event, Sunic-Ocean was invited to address the meeting and got the privilege to set up an exhibition booth just opposite the door of the meeting hall. Sunic-Ocean’s participating team includes the deputy representative of ISCO Mr. Robin Kuang who is especially responsible for the promotion of ISCO during the session. In the meeting the vice-general manager of Sunic’s System Integration Division Mr. Cheng Mulin introduced the ISCO to the audience along with the Sunic-Ocean’s new thinking on the important role of surveillance and monitoring system which is Unmanned Vehicle centered played to the marine oil spills. Mr. Robin Kuang and his Sunic colleagues distributed booklet about ISCO and explained the organization’s function, background as well as benefits of joining to the participants and media who stopped at the Sunic’s exhibition booth and were interested in Sunic’s smart oil spill solution and ISCO. To the presence of ISCO in China, people are curious about how it will connect China to the world community of spill emergency response. But we believe as more publicity and promotional events on ISCO are pushed forward by Sunic and ISCO’s functions and objectives become known to more Chinese, the organization will be definitely accepted by the spill response society in China.



Sunic’s general manager Mr. Li Guobin and ISCO’s deputy representative Robin Kuang posed for a photo with the journalist after an interview by this UK media.


 Sunic’s sales engineer Mr. Liu Run at the exhibition booth of Sunic-Ocean